65% Profit

$2 Chocolate Fundraiser

Cases Bought % Profit Cost Per Case
49 or more 65% $100.80
25 -49 60% $115.20
10 - 24 55% $129.60
1 - 9 50% $144.00

Want High Profit Chocolate Bar Fundraising And Great Taste? 

This $2 chocolate bar fundraising variety pack offers not only the most popular fundraising chocolate bars, but also something for the caramel lovers as well.  These delicious premium Chocolate Fundraising bars are HUGE - 2.25 ounce of pure chocolate!  Because they sell for $2, your group can easily earn 50-65% profit with this chocolate bar Fundraiser!  Add all this to our FREE SHIPPING and PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE, we think we have the best Chocolate Bar Fundraiser available, anywhere. 

*PLEASE NOTE: For the Summer months, there may be an additional charge of $20 per case for cold-pack.  Please call to confirm whether this charge will apply for your area.

This Chocolate Bar Fundraiser Has It All!chocolate bar fundraiser

These huge 2.25 oz. fundraising chocolate bars are an easy sell! Each case contains four 36-count carriers of fundraising chocolate bars for a total of 144 fundraising chocolate bars.  Each 36 Count Carrier Comes With 12 Creamy Caramel, 12 Roasted Almond, & 12 Crispy Rice.

Our chocolate bar fundraising carrier boxes make transporting and displaying your fundraising chocolate bars easy.  Each box is a sturdy carrying case with a handle.

Looking For Another Great Chocolate Bar Fundraising Option? 

Try our $1 Chocolate Bar Fundraiser.  These delicious $1 fundraising chocolate bars will earn your group 50% profit and are and easy sell at only $1 per bar! You won't find a more profitable chocolate bar fundraiser anywhere else, guaranteed.

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