90% Profit

Baseball Fundraising Scratch Cards

Cards Bought Cost Per Card Selling Price Your Profit $ Your Profit %
100 $10.00 $100.00 $9,000 90%
25 $12.00 $100.00 $2,200 88%
10 $15.00 $100.00 $860 85%
1 min. $30.00 $100.00 $70 70%

There are a lot of different baseball Fundraising Ideas that you can choose from but if you are looking for high profits than our Baseball Scratch Cards are just what you want. We have designed our Baseball Fundraising Scratch Cards as a great way for baseball players, teams and leagues ot raise a lot of money with.

You get people to scratch off two of 50 concealed dots, request that amount as a donation and then give that donor a sheet of national coupons as a thank you gift. Your basbeall group will make a minimum of 70% profit once all 50 dots are scratched off. It really is one of the highest profit baseball fundraisers available.

After you receive each donation you will give each donor is given a valuable sheet of national coupons as a thank you for their donation. The coupons have a face value of more than $100.

You can order as little as 1 scratch card at a time. We will imprint your group name on your cards free of charge. Shipping is free. Each card raises $100. Get FREE shipping on all orders.

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Baseball Fundraising Ideas for Schools

It is a well-known fact that in the current economy schools are finding it difficult to keep up. There are a huge number of upgrades that schools have to deal with, from purchasing new books for the school library, to upgrading the school’s computer hardware and software, to improving the school gymnasium with new equipment. In addition this, there are things like basic school maintenance and repair that all has to come from the school’s budget. So when the school baseball team needs some extra money for things like new uniforms and equipment, you can be pretty sure that you are going to have to come up with the funding yourself.

Quick and Simple Company Fundraising Ideas

Companies often have a hard time keeping their employees happy. After all, some are only there because you pay them to be there, and once the work day is over they are heading off to their homes and glad to be gone. But one way in which you can remedy this and make your employees feel like part of the team is to organize special outings to boost morale within the company. There is a wealth of ideas for you to choose from here, such as taking a camping trip, going to see a baseball game, or taking a company retreat to a different state. Whatever you decide to go with, you will find that the unifying factor is money, and you will have to find a way to pay for your company trip in some way.

New Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Playing and watching baseball is a staple of the American way of life. Most families love to head down to the stadium on a sunny afternoon and watch a game being played. It is a great way to relax and connect with those around you. And in high schools around the country, many students are playing baseball as a way to de-stress and do something positive with others of their age group. That’s why, if your school is in need of some extra funding, you might want to try holding a Baseball Fundraising event to help you reach your financial goals.

Little League Fundraising Strategies - Get to Know Your Target Market

Little League Fundraising can be a bit difficult to manage when you are not a fan of baseball or softball. However, these fundraisers can also be a good source of profit. You can reap good money after short period of time through your Fundraising Ideas as long as you know how to handle them properly.

Hence, if you are serious in getting involved with fundraisers, it is best to know your target market before engaging in Little League fundraising. This way you can boost your earnings faster and better, and at the same time provide hefty contributions to the Little League.

Below are some of the key people who can help you out with your fundraising ideas:

Top Tips to Boost Your Little League Fundraising Ideas

Little League Fundraising is probably the most useful way to help young boys fulfill their aspirations when it comes to baseball. For over seventy years, the Little League has served as an institution that engages young boys to play in sports such as baseball and softball, and from there they get to build their dreams to become star players in the future.

You need not be a fan of baseball in order to help the Little League; you can take part in raising funds for their season games. Funds are heavily needed by the Little League as they are used for uniforms, equipment, awards and scholarships for players who excel in such sports. But what exactly are the ways to boost Little League fundraising? Below are some of the innovative tips you can use for your Fundraiser ideas:

Homerun fundraiser for your Little League

An amazing baseball Fundraiser you can get started for your Little League or Baseball team is the custom discount card or other name for it is multi-discount card fundraising.

This card is unique to your area and can be customized just for your league. Here is a check list for you to get started:

1. Make a list of all the stores in your area, be sure to include restaurants, nail salons,  auto part and oil change locations.

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Little Leagues

Spring is here and it is baseball season again. Little leagues are starting to get the season kicked off and a great, easy Fundraiser is needed.  Here are some ideas for your league:

1.    Candy Fundraising is always a hit. It sells for $1.00 or $2.00 per bar and is very easy to sell.

Fun Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Teams

Your baseball team is constantly struggling to come up with the money to get through each season.  How do we know that?  Because it's true of every sports team these days - the economy is just not conducive to keeping things easy right now.  You have to rely heavily on fundraising to get the majority of the money your team needs for things like uniforms, field fees, travel expenses, and replacement equipment.  Baseball is not a cheap sport and these things constantly need upgrading, so you need to think of some great Fundraising Ideas for baseball teams that can help you out.  The trick, of course, is to come up with some fundraisers that people think are fun, otherwise no one will get very excited about the fundraising effort.

Choose the Best Sports Team Fund Raiser

     Running a Sports Team Fund Raiser can be a simple process if you do a little research and choose the right sports team fund raising idea for your particular team or league.

     This is such a diverse group of potential groups ranging in size from a couple of people on a tennis team to thousands of players in large city baseball or soccer leagues. Size is probably the most important factor in choosing the right sports fundraisers.

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