Candy Fundraisers

Our Candy fundraisers have been one of the easiest Fundraising Ideas available for years. How often have you seen a young baseball player or soccer player carrying a box of candy bars to sell?

We offer the most complete selection of candy fundraisers anywhere. We offer the lowest minimums as well. We want to make Candy Fundraising available to any sized group so you will find that most of our candy fundraisers have 1 case minimum orders.

Shipping is FREE with our candy fundraisers as well. Many other fundraising companies charge for shipping. Not Profit Quests. We want your candy fundraiser to raise as much money as possible so we pay for shipping for you.

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Simple Fundraising Ideas

Simple Fundraising Ideas for any size group can be easy to find, here are some ideas for each group size.

Small groups: One dollar bar candy fundraiser is the best for small groups, you can just purchase one case at a time instead of 6 or 7 cases. This makes it easier for the group because you are not putting allot of money down and one time. Buying one case at a time helps you build your funds. Also, if you don't have any money to put down for your small group, the dry cookie mix fundraiser is great. The minumim order is just 1 case, 6 tubs and you pre-sell the fundraiser so you don not have to worry about putting any money upfront for this one.

Growing Your Profits with a Flower Bulb Fundraiser

With so many restrictions on the gold old food and candy fundraisers a flower bulb Fundraiser is a great alternative.

The flower bulbs are 100% guaranteed and will sell themselves. The full color brochures are free of charge and display each flower beautifully.

Church Group Candy Fundraisers

If you are raising money for a mission trip or youth group you should consider a church group candy Fundraiser.

One of the reason's church groups typically stay away from candy fundraising is that they need to pay for their candy in advance. That can be quite an issue depending on how many people are selling and how much candy they want to buy. But don't discount candy as a church fundraiser.

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