Candy Fundraising

Is there a candy fundraising product that you are looking for or are you simply looking at different candy Fundraising Ideas so you can make your choice?

On this page you will find what we believe are the best candy fundraising options available. We believe you will find just what you are looking for.

Shipping is FREE on all of our Candy Fundraisers. There are no hidden fees or costs. Shipping is FREE. We also offer the lowest possible minimums.

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Creative Candy Fundraising

Everyone is looking for a new and exciting Fundraiser. With the wide array of lollipops to choose from you can sell a different lollipop every month or order a few different kids and make lollipop bouquets.

This is a great fundraiser because you can buy just one case at a time. Each case comes with 8 boxes of 72 lollipops for a total of 576. You will make 50% profit on each case and shipping is free!!

One Dollar Candy Fundraising

One dollar candy fundraising has been popular for years.  Many of the major candy companies are doing away with their One Dollar Packaging. 

There is still one company that is still making a chocolate candy bar to be sold for a dollar.  Van Wyk Confections' Original One Dollar Bar is a gourmet candy bar made exclusively for fundraising. They come packed in two different size carriers.

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