Church Fundraisers

Considering the number of people that come to us looking for the perfect church Fundraiser we created an entire section to help navigate all of options as easily as possible.

We have identified some of the areas within Church Fundraising that make up thebulk of church fundraiser products. We suggest you look at the different groups below and find the one that best describes your group and click on that link. Choose the ideal church fundraiser by navigating to the page that best represents your needs. There you will find that we highlight fundraisers that other similar groups have successfully used to raise the money they needed. This approach works because some groups are smaller than others and require church fundraisers that even individuals can use while others are larger and can take advantage of programs that might not work as well for small groups and individuals.

Top Top Church Fundraisers

1. Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser: This candle fundraiser has been our top church fundraiser for years. The candles each have a Bible verse and scriptural theme. They make great gifts. So lots of church groups sell these candles as a brochure fundraiser. They show the brochure to friends and family and take orders. They collect payment when they take the order. At the end of the church fundraiser everyone turns in their orders and money and the group places their bulk candle order. You can use the money you've collected to pay for your candles. There's no cost to start this fundraiser. You make 50% profit and can qualify for free shipping.

2. Coffee Fundraisers: Coffee is another great product for church fundraising. It works the same as the Journey of Faith program except you will be selling coffee and tea instead of candles. But it's a product that church groups have had great success selling. You make 40% profit. There's no cost to start and you can qualify for free shipping as well.

3. Peanut Free Candy Bar Sales: Candy has always been a great church fundraiser product. This option is especially attractive because the candy bars are all peanut free. That solves the issue of peanut allergies. You would sell these candy bars for a dollar each. You can buy as little as one case at a time so even small church groups can sell candy. Your profit is determined by the number of cases you purchase but the minimum order is only one case. Shipping is free.

4. Dinner and Movie Discount Cards: Our dinner and movie cards provide access to printable coupons at more than 100,000 restaurants and movie theaters around the country. The cards sell for $10 each and you make $6 profit. You can buy as little as 75 cards at a time. We strongly suggest you check your zip code to see the deals available in your area. But these cards are a very high profit, easy to sell church fundraiser.

Need help raising money for your church?

Church groups are always on the move. Whether you're trying to fund a mission trip, youth group outreach, building fund, or startup cost, we have the highest profit fundraising ideas that will make your project an easy win. We have specially selected fundraisers that succeed for the most common church and religious groups.

As you can see above we have highlighted what we believe are the very best church fundraisers. But since we are limited in space you will find an even greater selection of church fundraising ideas if you click on a church specific group.

Select your group below and start raising money today.

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Don't see your group listed?

We help thousands of groups every year find the money that they need to reach thier goals. If your group was not listed above visit our fundraising products to find the latest fundraising ideas your group can use to raise the money you need. View All fundraising Products >>

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Choosing a Church Fundraiser

Churches are finding themselves needing to fundraise simply because giving is down from the members. Churches raise money for several different ministries such as youth trips, vacation bible school, and building funds.

You can have a church Fundraiser churchwide or a certain ministry in the church can hold a fundraiser too. When choosing a church fundraiser be sure you know the details for the fundraiser such as profit margins, shipping cost and minimum orders. This is important to know so you will pick out the correct fundraiser.

Church Fundraisers for Choir

    You’re sitting in church singing with the rest of the congregation and realizing how beautiful the church choir sounds.  Don’t get it wrong, for the most part, they do not just get up there every Sunday, start singing and sound the way they do.  Many church choirs have practices as well as participate in concerts, especially around the Christmas time.  In other words, the beautiful sound heard every Sunday doesn’t necessarily come without hard work.  Many church choirs practice for hours throughout the week and practice is not cheap.  Nor is the cost of getting to the concerts and other arenas where they might perform.  Therefore, many church choir fundraisers are established in order to help with the cost the choirs incur.

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