Up to 75% Profit

City Savings Card

Cards Bought Cost Per Card Selling Price Your Profit %
250 min $5.00 $10.00 50%
375 $4.50 $10.00 55%
500 $4.00 $10.00 60%
625 $3.00 $10.00 70%
1250 $2.50 $10.00 75%

About The City Savings Discount Card Fundraiser

The City Savings Card is a discount card fundraiser that is extremely high in value. In fact, you won't find another discount card fundraiser that offers more bang for your buck. It's simple and easy.  You select which merchants you would like featured on the card from a list of hundreds in your area, and WE do the rest of the work, contacting each merchant to get them to offer discounts specifically for your discount card fundraiser!

Each fundraising card will contain UNLIMITED USE discounts from at least 10 local merchants. These merchants include casual dining establishments, fast food chains, bowling alleys, dry cleaners, car washes, putt putt golf courses, salons, and many other local hot spots!  It's simple; you choose your favorite merchants and we sign them up!


Amazing Discount Card Fundraiser, Amazing Discounts

These fundraising discounts include Buy-One-Get-One-Free Offers, $ off a purchase, and % off a purchase (i.e. 10-20% off total bill).  We work with you every step of the way to ensure you end up with a fundraising card that is easy to sell. 

How This Discount Card Fundraiser Works

1. Order Online or call us at 877.909.6400.
2. We email or fax you a list of 300 merchants in your area.

3. You pick your favorite merchants.  You can even add merchants to the list that you want us to call (we will call any merchant in your area).

4. We put together a fundraising card of valuable, unlimited use discounts for at least 10 merchants in your area.  If you want more than 10 merchants, just let us know. 

5. We design and print your fundraising Discount Cards with your group's name (and website) free of charge.  We can also create custom artwork for you including your logo, pictures, or team schedule for a nominal fee. 

6. We ship the Fundraising Cards directly to you.

7. You sell your fundraising cards for $10 each and raise lots of money! It's that easy!


GREEN Discount Fundraising Cards!

Our City Savings Cards are now printed on Earthworks recycled plastic, making this a green discount card fundraiser your group can feel good about using.  Compare this to most discount card fundraising companies who sell cheap plastic cards that just end up in the dumpster.  We care about helping you raise money and we also care about not adding thousands of plastic cards to a landfill.  


Save Money, Sign Up The Merchants Yourself!

If you are looking to earn the maximum amount of profit possible, your group can sign up your own merchants for your discount card fundraiser.  Most groups find that they can sign up merchants with very little time and effort.  We'll even be there to help you every step of the way with your discount card fundraiser. 

All you have to do is have each merchant fill out and sign one of our marketing agreements.  Once all the agreements are completed, fax them back to 512.369.1882.  We'll create your custom fundraising card and ship them directly to you.  Putting together you own discount card fundraiser is that simple. 


City Savings Cards are an excellent fundraising tool.  It's a discount card fundraiser that bands together many of the best businesses in your area in a convenient package to help raise money.

Here's how it works.  We compile a list of 300 merchants willing to participate in your area.  Of those, you choose the ones that are the nearest and dearest to your heart.  Is there's a merchant you're really dead-set on that's not on the list?  No problem!  We will gladly call anyone in your area to see if they're willing to pitch in on your fundraising efforts.

Once the selection process is completed, we put together a city savings card consisting of unlimited-use discounts for at least 10 of the selected merchants.  We'll then design, print, and deliver these cards to you.  Depending on your desires, they'll either have your organization or group's name and website, or, for a low fee, can jazz up the cards with custom designs, including such touches as a logo or pictures.

After that, it's all you!  You get to sell each card for $10, a price that benefits everyone.  Purchasers will be able to quickly make up that spent $10 by visiting great restaurants, car washes, bowling alleys, and more and using their new savings cards, and you'll be able to raise lots of money in an easy-to-pitch, easy-to-run fundraising drive!

This is the basic way our City Savings Cards work.  There are plenty of awesome add-ons you can opt in on which can increase the attractiveness of the drive for you or your customers.  You could, for example, take control of the merchant sign-up process, which can usually be done relatively easily.  In doing so, you could save up to $2 per card, which would dramatically increase your profit margins.  Or, you could beef up your cards by adding the merchants we carry on our Online Savings Card to your City Savings Card for only $1 per card extra!  Cheap, flexible, and good fundraising ideas: that's how we do it at here at Buy For Charity!

Throwing an event is one of the best Fundraising Ideas out there.  It's fun and simple, especially when your group is passionate about the organization and its plans for using the well-deserved cash you will earn together. Perhaps you are planning an exciting excursion or hosting a fabulous annual party, or donating the money to another reputable non-profit your group supports. However you spend it, at Buy For Charity we have the tools and advice you need to make earning it fun and successful.

Start by setting realistic fundraising goals for how much your group should earn as a whole and individually. On average, each member of the group should aim to sell between five and 15 items, whether it’s discount cards, classic Candy Fundraising or donations through our Give Planet fundraiser.

Plan for your fundraising to run for two to three weeks, with distinct start and end dates. Start it off with an engaging kick-off rally to get the team pumped to get out there and sell! Create a prize program as a way to reward your top supporters and encourage others to give more. Be sure to plan a straightforward sales pitch that will get your team talking about the fundraising ideas with potential donors.

As the fundraising campaign leader, set an example for the team by selling a significant number of products or accruing several donations yourself. As the face of your fundraising, be present and supportive to your team throughout the campaign.

When it’s all over, celebrate with a fundraising party (sponsored by your newly earned cash!) that you and your team will enjoy. The party can be an exciting incentive for the group when you promote it effectively throughout the fundraising event.

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City Savings Cards

City Savings Cards are an excellent fundraising tool.  It's a discount card Fundraiser that bands together many of the best businesses in your area in a convenient package to help raise money.

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