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Coffee Fundraiser and Tea

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The Best Coffee Fundraiser and Tea Anywhere

We have been helpling groups with coffee fundraisers for years and our Coffee City coffee has constantly received rave reviews. The coffee is freshly roasted, ground and packed in vaccum sealed foil bags so you can not get coffee much fresher than this.

Coffee Fundraisers work great for so many reasons. Our program is even better now that we added tea.

We provide a free color brochure and order form for each member of your group to sell 7 different coffee favorites and 7 different tea flavors. All options come in foil bags for easy storage and guaranteed freshness for this delicious, gourmet Coffee Fundraiser.

There is no cost to start your coffee fundraiser. We provide FREE Coffee Fundraising order forms and brochures. They show the marketing materials to friends and family and take orders. Once your coffee fundraiser has ended, the coffee will be shipped to you within 7 business days!

Contact us today at 1.877.909.6400 for more information or to get started on your coffee fundraiser right away.

The Gourmet Coffee and Tea Options Flavors are subject to change but are currently:

Breakfast Blend: Dark roasted, rich and robust.

House Blend: An all around people pleaser.

Mexican Decaf: This coffee is smooth and flavorful. Who would guess that it is decaf?

Hazelnut Cream: The #1 seller of all flavored coffees. Taste it and you will know why!

Caramel Mudslide: Chocolate and Caramel create this yummy coffee flavor.

Southern Pecan: A nutty southern specialty decorated with real pecan pieces.

Yankee Doodle: Just like a Snickerdoodle, sweet hazelnut and cinnamon.

Mango Tea: this tropical tea flavor will entice your taste buds.

Raspberry tea: Red raspberries blended with black tea. The perfect match.

Earl Grey: This black tea is flavored with oil of bergamot to add a fruity and citrus flavor.

Black Currant Tea: It's warm, pleasant & slightly tangy. The perfect blend of black tea and sweet, ripe currants.

Peach Apricot Tea: Think of the peaches and apricots falling off at tree together in this wonder blend. Best Seller!

We use a coffee roaster that is located in Texas. We drop ship your order directly from their facility to insure the freshest possible products. You should have your coffee and tea within 2 weeks.

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