50% Profit

Coffee Fundraiser Backpacks

Cases Bought % Profit Cost per Case
25 or more 50% $234.00
10 - 24 48% $243.00
5 - 9 46% $252.00
1 - 4 40% $279.00

Coffee Fundraiser - With $1 Packets in Backpacks

Coffee fundraisers have been extremely popular for years. But now we have a great new fun way to sell coffee.

Instead of taking orders for coffee with a brochure fundraiser give each of your sellers a backpack or 2 filled with 52 packets of coffee favorites including:

  • 10 packets of Colombian Coffee
  • 8 packets of French Vanilla Coffee
  • 8 packets of Hazelnut Coffee
  • 6 packets of French Roast Coffee
  • 6 packets of Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee
  • 5 packets of Chocolate Raspberry Coffee
  • 5 packets of Rainforest Nut Coffee
  • 4 packets of Decaf Coffee

They sell the packets of coffee for $1 each. At the end of the sale they even keep the handy backpack as a prize for selling. You purchase these coffee backpacks by the case. Each case comes with 9 backpacks.


Coffee Backpack Fundraiser Benefits:


Coffee Fundraising Step by Step:

  1. Decide how many cases of coffee backpacks you want to order. Groups will typically purchase 1 case for every 2 to 4 sellers they have.
  2. Order your coffee fundraising backpacks. Remember you are buying this coffee by the case. You can call us toll free to order your coffee or you can order them securely online here on our website.
  3. Your coffee will typically arrive in no more than 7 to 10 days. Once they arrive start selling the coffee everywhere possible.

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