Coffee Fundraisers

Coffee fundraisers make so much sense. After all there is usually at least one coffee drinker in every home. Why not sell a product people are buying anyway.

We offer a few different coffee fundraisers. You will find details of the programs below. One of the coffee fundraisers is a pre sell which costs nothing to start. We provide all of your marketing materials free of charge and you use them to pre sell coffee with.

The other coffee Fundraiser is a unique alternative to Candy Fundraising. You sell packets of coffee for $1. The packets come in a backpack that your sellers get to keep as an incentive to sell.

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Coffee Fundraiser

One of the many unique Fundraising Ideas we have to offer here at Buy For Charity is the coffee fundraiser.  The coffee in question delicious, organic, fair- and direct-trade Ruta Maya coffee, roasted right here in our hometown of Austin, TX.  Trust us—this is not a hard product to move!  Ruta Maya coffee is absolutely wonderful. 

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