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Colored Smencils Pencils

What Are Smencils Pencils?

Colored Smencils are scented pencils made from recycled newspaper and are available in 10 different scents including Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Black Cherry, Watermelon and Root Beer.  Smencils pencils even come in biodegradable containers.  All this and colored smencils pencils are guaranteed to maintain their scent for 2 years - in or out of their Freshness Tubes!

How Smencils Pencils Fundraising Worksbuy colored smencils now

1. Determine how many Colored Smencils your group needs.

2. We recommend that each group member sell at least 1 bucket of 50 Colored Smencils. One case has 10 buckets in it for a total of 500 Colored Smencils Pencils.

3. Order Online or call us Toll Free at 877.909.6400 to place an order for Colored Smencils Pencils.


Colored Smencils Pencils?

Unlike our stanard Smencils pencils, the colored Smencil pencil Fundraiser has pencils that write in different colors.

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