54% Profit

Dry Cookie Dough Fundraising

Tubs Bought % Profit Total Profit
1200 or more 54% $ 7776.00 plus
600 - 1199 50% $7194.00
300 - 599 46% $3306.48
150 - 299 42% $1506.96
60 - 149 38% $679.44
6 - 59 30% $212.40

Sick of Having to Refrigerate Frozen Cookie Dough

One of the problems people have with Cookie Dough Fundraisers is the need to keep the cookie dough cold. There's always a couple of people who aren't there on delivery day to pick up their order and you need to figure out how to keep it cold.

Consider our dry cookie dough for your next cookie dough Fundraiser.

This cookie dough is Fresh - not frozen. You add eggs and butter. And you never need to refrigerate the cookie dough mix.

The dough mix comes in safety-sealed, tamper proof reusable tubs and makes 96 half ounce cookies. There is only a 1-case minimum and we pay for shipping! That makes this one of the best cookie dough fundraisers for small to large groups.

You sell these tubs for $13 each.

There is NO money upfront. We provide FREE Order Forms. Shipping is FREE.

Order a free brochure for each member of your group to pre sell their dry cookie dough mix. At the end of your sale gather all of the order forms and money collected. Then tally all of the orders together. You can use our free online tallying software of accuracy.

Remember if you don't use our tally tool to round each flavor to an even 6 tub case before placing your order. You can do that by calling in your order or placing it online.

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Cookie Dough for Non Profit Fundraising

Non-profits need funds to keep going. Non-profit organizations need donations to allow the cause they are supporting to remain strong. Non Profit Fundraising is a must since donations for most for these great organizations are down.

Not for profit groups can be a very small group or a very large group. A Fundraiser is needed for all sizes.

Many groups love frozen Cookie Dough Fundraising but since they may not meet on a regular basis. A dry cookie dough mix solves that problem. The group holds the fundraiser and pre-sells the dry mixes and the sale should only run for a couple of weeks. Then once the sell is over, and the dry mix is delivered, the orders can sit without being put in a freezer.

Summertime Fundraising

Just because school is out doesn't mean there isn't still a need for a Fundraiser. With the expense of all types of sports, social, and church groups on the rise too, everyone still needs a fundraiser. 

I would love to suggest Dry Cookie Dough Mix Fundraising.  A dry cookie mix fundraiser can be either a pre sell or direct sale Cookie Dough Fundraiser.

That means you can sell the cookie dough using free brochures/order forms, or you can simply purchase the cookie dough mixes and have the tubs on hand to give your customers when they pay you.

Simple Fundraising Ideas

Simple Fundraising Ideas for any size group can be easy to find, here are some ideas for each group size.

Small groups: One dollar bar Candy Fundraiser is the best for small groups, you can just purchase one case at a time instead of 6 or 7 cases. This makes it easier for the group because you are not putting allot of money down and one time. Buying one case at a time helps you build your funds. Also, if you don't have any money to put down for your small group, the dry cookie mix fundraiser is great. The minumim order is just 1 case, 6 tubs and you pre-sell the fundraiser so you don not have to worry about putting any money upfront for this one.

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