Easy Fundraising Ideas

Looking for Easy Fundraising Ideas? You've Come To The Right Place!

At Buy For Charity Fundraising, our mission is to offer only a handful of carefully selected, easy fundraising ideas that will help your group raise the most money with the least amount of effort - all while providing your friends, family and neighbors with the best fundraising ideas available anywhere. Whether it's our high profit Fundraising Cards or our revolutionary Facebook fundraiser, we have easy fundraising ideas for all groups - including a great line of easy fundraising ideas for kids!

Discount Card Fundraising Ideas

We only offer Fundraising Cards that will help your group earn at least 70% profit. In fact, most of our fundraising cards generate over 80% profit for your group! Every fundraising card we sell is extremely high in value. For example, our Pizza Cards and Online Savings Cards are easy fundraising ideas and are valued between $200 - $300 and our City Savings Cards and Dinner & A Movie Cards are worth well over a thousand dollars as their discounts are good for an unlimited amount of time throughout the course of an entire year. Also, while most fundraising companies require you to sign up the merchants yourself, WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU. And to top if off, each of our easy fundraising ideas comes with a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! Raise More. Work Less.

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Candy Fundraiser Ideas

There’s a reason Candy Fundraisers are some of the easiest and most popular easy fundraising ideas in the country. These Candy Fundraising ideas are the perfect fundraising solution for groups that want to earn a lot of money fast. You simply place your order, we ship the Candy Fundraiser to you, then you sell the fundraising candy to your friends and family for 50 cents to $2 each. Our candy fundraisers are that easy. And to top if off, all of our easy fundraising ideas come with a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE!

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Brochure Fundraising Ideas

Our Brochure Fundraising ideas are risk free and require no money down. We provide you with FREE fundraising brochures that your group uses to secure orders from your friends, family, and neighbors. Once you’ve tallied all the brochure fundraising orders, you send us the orders, we ship the product to you and you deliver the product to your community. Whether it’s our Candle Fundraisers, our Cookie Dough Fundraisers or our any of our Brochure Fundraisers, our easy fundraising ideas are always a no risk/high reward proposition.

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Unique Fundraising Ideas

We believe unique fundraising ideas begin with quality, high-value products from a fundraising company you can trust. Easy fundraising ideas don't have to be out-dated. Our unique fundraising ideas are innovative and cutting-edge - putting you in the best position possible to make the profit your group needs to succeed. We're confident you won't find better, more unique fundraising ideas anywhere else. And to top it off, each of our easy fundraising ideas comes with a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE!

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Scratch Cards Fundraising Ideas

Scratch Cards are an excellent Fundraiser for any size group. The profit is great. Your group can earn up to 90 % profit and each card raises $100. Along with each donation to your group we provide nation wide coupons worth up to $150. That makes our scratch cards one of the easiest and most profitable fundraisers around.

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Related Easy Fundraising Ideas Articles

Executing Your Family Reunion Fundraising Ideas

Holding a family reunion can be a difficult affair. There are many different things to consider, from sending out invitations, to deciding where the reunion will be held, to sorting out a suitable date that will allow everybody in the family to attend. But one thing that comes up time and time again when planning a family reunion is funding. This is not an issue that is easily solved, however, since families are often stretched thin with things like mortgage payments, bills and education. So in order to tackle this, and give everybody in your family a chance to attend this event, you may like to go with holding a family reunion Fundraiser to help everybody with funding their trip.

Positive Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Nowadays there are a great number of charities offering help to those suffering from cancer. One area in particular that people are eager to get on board with is Breast Cancer Fundraising, since so many American women are afflicted with or know somebody who has suffered from breast cancer. There are many ways in which you can help to support breast cancer charities, from making a direct donation, to offering personal support to people you know who have breast cancer. Most people find that breast cancer fundraising ideas are a great way to support the cause, and will help to raise funds and awareness for women’s health for now and for the future.

Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas for Everybody

Being part of a Boy Scouts group is a great way for boys to learn valuable skills that cannot be learned in school. It gives them a chance to make a new group of friends and teaches them positive social skills in an outdoor setting. If you are a Boy Scout leader or simply an eager parent wanting to help out in some way, you may find that Boy Scout Fundraising ideas are a great way to get your group involved in something good that will help to raise money for a worthy cause.

Adoption Fundraising Ideas with Products

In this day and age, people are doing wonderful things by helping out children who, for various reasons, don’t already have families. Adoption is becoming more and more popular in the US, and is a great way to give children a new life and a new home. But adding a new member to your family is a serious decision to make, since it is going to cost a lot of money over the many years you are together. The adoption costs alone can be quite daunting, and that’s why you may like to hold an adoption Fundraiser to help you get started and change people’s lives.

Good Wrestling Fundraising Ideas

Wrestling Fundraising ideas are a great way to help your school raise money. They gives students a chance to do something they may not be used to doing at school, while encouraging them to work together and help a good cause. The monetary benefits to holding a Wrestling Fundraiser are obvious. It can help you to raise money for important upgrades to wrestling team equipment and also help pay for team excursions to local wrestling events. If you have decided to hold a wrestling fundraiser at your school, then you have got a lot of work to do before you can reach your goals. But with a few simple considerations before getting started, you will be reaching your targets in no time, and giving the students something truly memorable and fun to get involved with.

Rotary Fundraising Ideas for Beginners

If you want to get involved with Rotary Fundraising, you may struggle initially to come up with Rotary fundraising ideas that will really appeal to many people within your school. The benefits to Rotary fundraising are huge: you will be raising money that will help students to join ambassadorial scholarships in other countries where they will serve as unofficial ambassadors of goodwill. The Rotary foundation has been active since 1947, and has invited thousands of scholars to join the program since its humble beginnings.

The Best Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes holding a fundraiser can be a bit of a chore. After all, some people only think about the money that comes at the end of the fundraiser and not about the process that takes place before it. In order to pull off the best fundraising events that everybody who takes part can say that they thoroughly enjoyed, you should think about offering a fun and motivational experience that everybody can get behind. One way in which you might like to do this is by holding a Relay For Life event, which helps to raise money for a good cause. Relay For Life Fundraising ideas don’t have to be overly complicated. All that is required is that you find a team of willing participants to help you reach your goals, and an afternoon when everybody is available to take part.

About People To People Fundraising Ideas

When you really want to make a difference at your school by doing something positive for a cause in need, you might have considered holding a Fundraiser to raise some money. There are many obvious benefits to holding a fundraising event, such as helping to make a significant donation to a worthwhile cause, such as People To People, and banding together with other teachers and students at your school to make your event a success. Holding a fundraiser can be fun for all involved too, as long as you take the care to plan out your event properly so things go without a hitch.

Easy Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

If you really want to make a difference at your school by helping out a noble charity or cause, you may have considered holding a fundraiser with other people to help raise a significant amount of money. There are literally thousands of non profit organizations that could use your help, and providing you do things right and offer everybody at your school a good reason to want to help out, with Non Profit Fundraising ideas you will be on the right track to helping one of these companies improve the lives of others.

High School Fundraising Ideas for Students

If you are a student attending high school, you may have noticed that there are several departments around the school that require upgrades. This may be something as simple as replenishing the library’s book supply or replacing a few bent tables and chairs. Or you may find that the school needs improvements that are a little more serious, such as completely refurbishing the school’s computer labs. Whatever it is that the school needs to upgrade, you may have decided to help out by raising money for the school in an effort to bring these improvements about a lot quicker, and a great way to do this is through high School Fundraising ideas.

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