90% Profit

Flag Scratch Card Fundraising

Cards Bought Cost Per Card Selling Price Your Profit $ Your Profit %
100 $10.00 $100.00 $9,000 90%
25 $12.00 $100.00 $2,200 88%
10 $15.00 $100.00 $860 85%
1 min. $30.00 $100.00 $70 70%

Flag Scratch Card Fundraising - Our Most Patriotic Fundraiser

Did you know that you can make 90% profit with a Scratch Card Fundraiser? You can. And our Flag scratch card s one of our most popular Scratch Cards we offer.

We have designed our Flag Fundraising Scratch Cards as a great way for any type of group - especially those seen as Patriotic such as the scouts, military, etc. - to raise a lot of money with.

Each flag scratch card comes with 50 dots printed on the front. The dots contain dollar amounts ranging from $.50 to $3 but the amounts are hidden from view. You get people to scratch off two of 50 concealed dots, request that amount as a donation and then give that donor a sheet of national coupons as a thank you gift. Your group will make a minimum of 70% profit once all 50 dots are scratched off.

Each donor is given a valuable sheet of national coupons as a thank you for their donation. The coupons have a face value of more than $100.

You can order as little as 1 scratch card at a time. We will imprint your group name on your cards free of charge. Shipping is free. Each card raises $100. Get FREE shipping on all orders.

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