50% Profit

Flower Bulb Fundraising

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 50% YES
1 to 149 50% No

Yes Money Does Grow with Flowers

Stop selling products people do not want. Be a hero and sell a competively priced product people actually want to purchase.

Flower bulb fundraising is earth friendly and the product virtually sell themselves.

We will send a full color brochure detailing 24 different fundraising flowers and bulbs to sell to your supporters. The brochure includes a detailed order form with prices, planting instructions and other pertinent information.

We have a fall flower bulb Fundraiser and a spring flower bulb fundraiser so you can sell flower bulbs any time of the year. You make 50% profit on each item you sell. Prices range from approximately $5 to $25. We will even pay for shipping if you sell 151 items or more.

If you sell 151 or more items we will even pay for shipping.

You will make 50% profit on each and every item you sell so go ahead and try it. It costs nothing to give a try.

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Child Fundraiser

If you are looking for a new child Fundraiser for your daycare or mother’s day out program and would like something different and unique, here are a few ideas.

Smencils – these are so cool and are fun for the children to sell. These “Smencils” are made of recycled material and have different smells, like chocolate, strawberry and other great fragrances. You sell them for $1.00 and make 50% profit.

Flower Bulb fundraisers – this is a fresh new fundraising program that is great for spring or the fall. You sell 20-25 different flower bulbs with a price range of $5.00 - $23.00. You profit 50% for your sells.

Spring into Spring with a Flower Bulb Fundraiser!

Even though it's still very cold outside. Now is the time to plan your Spring Fundraiser.  This year try something new. Sell flower seeds and bulbs from Art in Nature.  This fundraiser offers a wide variety of wonderful flowers. Everything from Blue Anemone, Bleeding Hearts even Hanging Strawberry and Tomato kits.

Growing Your Profits with a Flower Bulb Fundraiser

With so many restrictions on the gold old food and Candy Fundraisers a flower bulb Fundraiser is a great alternative.

The flower bulbs are 100% guaranteed and will sell themselves. The full color brochures are free of charge and display each flower beautifully.

Try Flower Bulb Fundraising

There may be snow outside or you may be lucky to live in the south and be enjoying warmer and sunnier weather. But January is the time of year to start considering flower bulb fundraising campaigns.

Flower bulb fundraisers are awesome. They offer many benefits that are kind of unique:

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