90% Profit

Football Fundraising Scratch Cards

Cards Bought Cost Per Card Selling Price Your Profit $ Your Profit %
100 $10.00 $100.00 $9,000 90%
25 $12.00 $100.00 $2,200 88%
10 $15.00 $100.00 $860 85%
1 min. $30.00 $100.00 $70 70%

Stop Wasting Your Time on Low Profit Football Fundraisers

Football Fundraising does not need to be a struggle. You can make a lot of money easily with Football Scratch Cards.

You do not need to make 40% or less. This football fundraising idea offers profits up to 90%. In fact each football scratch card will raise $100 once all the dots are scratch off.

Each card has 50 concealed dots. You get people to scratch off two of 50 concealed dots, request that amount as a donation and then give that donor a sheet of national coupons as a thank you gift. Your sports group will make a minimum of 70% profit once all 50 dots are scratched off.

Each donor is given a valuable sheet of national coupons as a thank you for their donation. The coupons have a face value of more than $100.

You can order as little as 1 scratch card at a time. We will imprint your group name on your cards free of charge. Shipping is free. Each card raises $100. Get FREE shipping on all orders.

These are the best cards for football groups that are looking for a high profit Fundraiser.

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A Few Football Fundraising Ideas

When your school football team is in need of some extra funding to help improve things like equipment and clothing, you may find that the school’s budget just isn’t large enough to cater for your needs. If this is the case at your school, then why not consider organizing a Football Fundraiser to help raise a little extra money for your cause. Football Fundraising Ideas are great if you just need a few extra dollars in very little turnaround time, and they are relatively easy to set up even if this is your first time organizing an event.

Soccer Fundraising Ideas for Middle Schools

For children attending a middle school, extracurricular activities like football and basketball are great ways to socialize with their classmates while also staying fit and healthy. One sport that has risen in popularity in recent years is soccer, and now more than ever middle schools are adopting it into their physical education regime. If your school has decided that it needs a little extra funding for soccer-related things like trips and training equipment, you may find that holding a soccer Fundraiser is the best way to go. The good news is that as long as you follow a few simple steps you will be reaching your financial targets in no time at all.

Football Fundraising Ideas for Schools

When the school needs some extra money for things like books, tables, lab equipment and computers, it looks to the school budget to get it done. It is no secret that schools around the country are stretching every cent to meet all of the current demands, and usually there are departments within the school who have to wait months or sometimes even years to see their needs met. So it comes as no surprise then that when the school’s football team needs extra money for things like new equipment or trips to play at rival schools, the school budget just doesn’t cut it. It often falls to the team itself to provide the money, and if this is the case then holding a football Fundraiser may be the best way to go.

Top High School Football Teams and Football Fundraisers

The top high school football teams don’t usually have money problems. That’s not the case with most teams that depend on high school football Fundraising Ideas. When you have one of the top football teams in the country like the teams below money is usually easy to come by.

Growing up in San Antonio during the 1970s I witnessed some of the greatest high school football ever played.  I did not play any of it but that is alright because I had a great view to see some of the areas greatest players during the years 1971-1975

How To Turn A Good Fundraiser Into A Great Fundraiser


"Come early, be loud, stay late" is the slogan that University of Texas football coach Mack Brown started to encourage fans to support their football team.  This same quote equally applies to putting on successful fundraisers.

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