Fundraising Cards

Fundraising Cards are simply the most profitable segment of Fundraising Products.

We offer the widest selection of fundraising cards available and we offer the highest no gimmick profit margins. You and your group can make 90% profit on many of our programs. Anyone offering higher profits is most likely using a gimmick such as charging you higher prices and offering free cards as profit enchancers. When you compare our low prices you will see we offer the highest real profit.

We offer fundraising cards for things as diverse as free pizza to free family portraits. We also offer 20 different Scratch Cards so that any group needing to raise money has the fundraising card they need.

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The Art Of Last Minute Fundraising

Let’s start with picking the right last-minute fundraiser.  There are plenty of easy Fundraising Ideas that are highly profitable, hassle-free and can be pulled of in weeks, if not days.  Probably the best last minute fundraisers are fundraising cards.  There are many online fundraising companies that offer discount cards that can be purchased, shipped and arrive in your mailbox with 2-3 business days, if not earlier with expedited shipping options.  When choosing a fundraising card, keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time (like you could forget…) and choose a card that already has pre-approved discounts/merchants featured on them.  If you are really short on time, you probably don’t want to wait on a fundraising company to sign up merchants for your specific fundraising card.  There are plenty of fundraising cards available that already have merchants secured.  Some of our favorites are Dinner & A Movie Cards, Portrait Cards, and cards. Fundraising Scratch Cards are also...

Scratch Off Team Fundraisers

    Sports Fundraising scratch off cards are one of the fastest growing areas of fundraising. Custom imprinted Scratch Cards have really helped stimulate that growth because now the scratch off cards are more closely associated with the team holding the sports team Fundraiser.

     If you are not familiar with Scratch Card Fundraisers, they are one of the highest profit programs available to teams in all sports. Essentially it is a donation system with a twist. Each team member is given one scratch off fundraising card.

Each card contains 50 concealed dots with various amounts ranging from $.50 to $3.00. Team members get donors to scratch off two of the 50 dots. That will reveal an amount between $1 and $6 when you add the two amounts together.

Benefits of Pizza Card Fundraisers

Pizza Card Fundraisers are one of the most popular fundraising programs available. Groups can make up to 90% profit selling cards that offer real value to customers.

So what exactly is a pizza fundraising card?

Getting Merchants for Pizza Fundraising Cards

Most people who research different Fundraising Ideas are stunned when they see the enormous profits available for groups selling pizza fundraising cards.

The typical pizza card sells for $10 and can cost as little as $1 each or even less - depending on how many cards you purchase at one time.

Christian Cards for Fundraisers

Christian cards for fundraisers are very useful for church groups and church youth groups, as well as daycares, schools and other groups dealing with seasonal holidays.  There are many card manufacturers who offer programs with Christian Fundraising cards, but using them appropriately is key to the success of any fundraising campaign as Christian cards occupy a niche market.

Dinner and a Movie Fundraising Card

Our dinner and a movie fundraising card is a fun Fundraiser to run.  It's easy to pitch and relatively cheap for purchasers, especially considering the benefits of participating in one.  What's more, since the fundraising cards are such a good product, many people actually genuinely want one.  For many, buying a Dinner And A Movie Card is more than just being supportive, it's getting something they want!


DO get started in the summer for your fall fundraisers. Businesses usually can only participate on so many cards per year, so if you want a great fundraising discount card, make sure you get a head start on other groups and sign them up early.
DON'T wait until the last minute to order your discount card fundraisers. A fundraising card with the best discounts takes a couple of weeks to put together and print, so give yourself and the fundraising card company working on your card plenty of time before

Know Your Cause

Okay. You've purchased your fundraising cards. You've set your fundraising goal. You've mobilized the troops. You're ready to start raising money. Or are you? Not so fast. You just might be overlooking one crucial step that may determine whether you meet your fundraising goal or fall short. And that step is simply...

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