Fundraising Groups

One of the best ways to identify the best way to raise money is to see what other fundraising groups like yours have done recently. On this fundraising group overview page we list a large selection of different group types. Take a look at the list and find the fundraising group that most closely resembles your group and click on it.

Those links will take you deeper into our website where we share Fundraising Ideas that fundraising groups within those categories have successfully used to raise the money they needed. It makes the decision making process so much easier to know that these tried and proven fundraisers work for fundraising groups just like yours.

Church Fundraisers

We help more groups and individuals with church Fundraising Ideas every year. In order to help you choose the best Church Fundraiser we have identified a list of different church and faith based groups that typically hold fundraisers. We have created a page for each of those groups where we share the different Church Fundraising ideas that groups just like yours have done. These are tried and proven church fundraisers.

Sports Fundraisers

If you are involved with sports and need information on different sports Fundraising Ideas then this is the section for you. As you can see below we have a list of different sports. We suggest you locate the sport you are involved in and then click there. You will be taken to a section where you will find Sports Fundraising ideas that have been used successfully by other sports groups just like yours. It’s the best way to choose the best Sports Fundraiser.

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Healthy Fundraising with Welch's Fruit Snacks

Are you looking for a Fundraiser that is not only profitable, but also healthy?  Well, if so then Welch’s Fruit Snacks are for you.  Many fundraising groups want to sell candy but worry about the nutritional value in candy.

Top 10 Steps To Reaching AND SURPASSING Your Cheerleading Fundraising Goal!

Pound-for-pound, cheerleaders are known industry-wide as one of the best fundraising groups in the country.  While they may be small in numbers, they more than make up for it in spirit, enthusiasm, and sheer motivation.  So, what makes a successful cheerleading Fundraiser, you ask?   Below are the Top 10 Steps every cheerleading team should follow to ensure that their next Cheerleading Fundraiser will be their most profitable one yet:   

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