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One of the most important elements of having a successful Fundraiser is choosing the best fundraising products to sell. In order to help you choose the best option we created this fundraising product overview page where you can see all of the different fundraising products on one page.

Below you'll find our highest profit fundraising products. You?ll find others that cost nothing to get started. There are others still with low minimums and free shipping.

These are all tried and proven fundraising products. You should rest assured knowing that all of these products have been used successfully by other Fundraising Groups and that they will work for you as well.

Candy Fundraisers

Candy Fundraising is one of the easiest ways to raise money. Candy is considered a direct sale which means you have the candy on hand to give to your customer at the time of the sale. Candy Fundraisers require very little administration. You purchase the candy, sell it and keep the proceeds. Below you will find a great selection of different candy Fundraising Ideas that you might consider.

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Fundraising Cards

If you are looking for high profits then you should definitely consider Fundraising Cards. We offer a very wide selection of fundraising cards. You can get pizza cards, entertainment cards, restaurant cards, portrait studio cards and more. The one thing in common is that all of our Discount Card Fundraisers offer very high profits. In fact you can make up to 90% profit. So take a look at the different options below and choose the best fundraising cards for your group.

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Brochure Fundraising

Brochure Fundraising is the way to go for many groups because it does not cost anything to start one. We provide free brochures, order forms and cash collection envelopes for all of these fundraisers. You use those materials to pre sell the product you’ve chosen. You collect payment when pre selling. At the end of your sale you place a bulk order and can use the money you’ve collected to pay for your order. Below you will find a great selection of different brochure Fundraising Ideas.

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Unique Fundraising

Most fundraising products fit neatly into candy, brochure or card categories. But not all of them do. That’s why we created a section for unique fundraising products that don’t fit so comfortably into those main categories. Below you will find some great unique Fundraising Ideas that you should consider. These products offer something new or something different and can really help you hold a successful fundraiser.

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Scratch Cards

Scratch Card Fundraisers are great for raising a lot of money very quickly. Each scratch card has 50 dots on them with various dollar amounts ranging from $.50 to $3. The amounts are concealed and you get people to scratch off 2 of the dots. You request a donation equal to the amount of money revealed. In return you give the donor a sheet of valuable coupons as a thank you gift. Each card will raise $100 once all the dots are scratched. Below you’ll see a list of the different fundraising Scratch Cards we offer.

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More Christian Fundraising Products

Coming up with the best Christian Fundraising idea can sometimes be just as stressful as holding the Fundraiser itself. After all, it is ever so important that you pick the best fundraising idea to get everybody involved excited to help out in reaching your financial targets. You wouldn’t want to invest all of your time and efforts into a fundraiser that ultimately nobody wants to get behind. Fortunately, by picking a great Christian fundraising product, you will have nothing to worry about, and people at your church will thank you for picking out something that is meaningful to them and the rest of the Christian community.

Christian Fundraising Products

When you are planning a Christian Fundraiser, you will want to make sure that the concept behind the fundraiser reflects the values of your church and the Christian faith. As long as you keep this idea at the center of your plans, you will find it very easy to succeed, pulling off a truly memorable fundraiser that will be remembered around the church for years to come. There are many ways in which to incorporate these values into your Christian Fundraiser, and you may want to ask around the members of your church for ideas. If they can also lend a hand in organizing the event or simply spreading the word, you will find your plans are a lot easier to pull off.

Fundraising Products from the Cookie Dough Factory

Deciding on the right idea for your next fundraiser can get everyone arguing about what would be the most lucrative or easiest fundraiser.  I'm sure at one point or another, someone will bring up the idea of contacting a cookie dough factory and selling tubs of dough as a fundraiser, and some other will probably groan at the idea because it's been done a million time before.  But so what?  It's important to remember that the fundraisers that have been around for a long time are often still around because they're still popular and people have not stopped asking for the product.  This is certainly the case with Fundraising Ideas that come from the cookie dough factory, as there's no way people will ever get tired of freshly baked cookies.

But of course, you don't have to deal directly with a cookie dough factory in order to get the best cookie fundraisers out there.  

Fundraising with Cookie Dough Products

There are countless fundraising products on the market these days.  So many, in fact, that it's difficult to sift through them all, especially when you know that your group has certain requirements and needs, and you need to find the right Fundraiser to help you reach your goals.  Sometimes it's best to stick with the classic fundraisers that have proven to be profitable year after year.  Cookie Dough Fundraisers never go out of style, simply because cookies themselves never go out of style.  You can do a fundraiser with cookie dough products and have consistent success time after time.  Many supporters love it when you repeat the same fundraiser year after year, and they look forward to the time of year when they can buy delicious cookie dough products from you.

It's easier than you think to get started with a Cookie Dough Fundraising idea,

Smencils for a Library Fundraiser

Are you looking for fresh new fundraising products? Something that is environmentally sensitive? An item that is affordable? Or even one you can sell all year round? Then Smencils may be the answer. 

Smencils are made by tightly wrapping Recycled Newspaper around #2 graphite or color writing cores. The rolled pencils are then hardened. This allows them to be sharpened just like wood pencils. The pencils are then soaked with a gourmet liquid scents. Each Smencil is then packaged into its own freshness tube. 

Fundraise by selling Calendars

It's almost time to start back to school. Schedules are getting busy. Why not sell fundraising products everyone can use.  Just think everyone has at least one calendar in their home or office. The fall is a great time to sell calendars because people are starting to plan for the New Year.

Our Calendar fundraising program offers one of the most complete programs out there. There is a calendar for everyone. We also offer an awesome selection of greeting cards. This will help maximize your sales. As you sell the calendars suggest buying a box of cards so as they are filling out their new calendar they can go ahead and fill out the greeting cards for the year.

Different Fundraising Products

When you start to look at fundraising it can be very confusing and overwhelming at times. Fundraising products are simple if you know what you are looking for, it is always best to educate yourself on the programs before you decide what is best for your organization. You have to basic types for fundraising products, you have direct sell and pre-sell fundraisers. A direct sell is a product you have in hand to sell and a pre-sell is a product where you collect orders and collect the money as you go. Here are some exampled of both:

Direct Sell:

Candy Fundraisers

Lollipop Fundraising

Beef jerky

Finding the Best School Fundraising Company

Finding the best School Fundraising company can seem like a bit of a challenge in this day and age. With the internet now providing hundreds of school fundraising products that are only a mouse click away, how are you to know which school fundraising company is the best for you? You want to be sure that the one you commit to is not going to leave you high and dry when you need them the most, and if you pick the right school fundraising company, you can be sure this will never happen.

Smencils Fundraising Products

Are you looking for a fresh new fundraising product? Something that is environmentally sensitive? An item that is affordable?  Or even one you can sell all year round?  Then Smencils may be the answer. 

Smencils are made by tightly wrapping Recycled Newspaper around #2 graphite or color writing cores.  The rolled pencils are then hardened. This allows them to be sharpened just like wood pencils.  The pencils are then soaked with a gourmet liquid scents. Each Smencil is then packaged into its own freshness tube.

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

If you're looking for a Fundraiser you can really sink your teeth into, consider our Beef Jerky Fundraiser.  (Get it?  Sink your teeth—nevermind.)  With this deliciously irresistible fundraiser, we use only high-quality Jack Link's beef jerky, some of the tastiest stuff on the market.  This fundraiser fits well with our overarching belief regarding fundraising products: If you pair your noble cause with a good product that people actually

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