55% Profit

Preformed Cookie Dough Fundraising

Boxes Bought % Profit Total Profit
5000 and up 55% $44000.00 +
1664 50% $13312.00
664 45% $4780.80
336 40% $2150.40
200 30% $960.00
120 min 25% $480.00

$10 Pre Portioned Cookie Dough Fundraiser

It\'s no wonder that gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraising is one of the best-selling fundraisers in the country. Now it is even better because we just introduced a brand new program that reduces the price you sell boxes of cookie dough down to $10.
Why is that important?
Cookie dough prices have been increasing for years and now many companies force you to sell preportioned cookie dough for $17 a box or more. That\'s simply too high for the fundraising market. So we decided to offer slightly less product for a dramatically lower price. Your customers will be happy to purchase your cookie dough for $10!!
We also simplified the program by reducing it down to the 4 top selling flavors:  Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.
 There\'s no cost to start this fundraiser. We provide free brochures and order forms. Shipping is FREE in the contiguous 48 states. 

HOW THIS GOURMET Cookie Dough Fundraiser WORKS:\"what

1. We send you FREE order taker preformed cookie dough fundraising brochures.

2. Your sellers take orders for 2 weeks.

3. You tally orders, then send us the final tally.

4. We ship you your boxes of pre-formed fundraising cookie dough.

5. When your order arrives, you distribute the cookie dough to your sellers. 

6. Your sellers deliver the fundraising cookie dough to their customers.

Your customers will love the convenience of pre portioned frozen cookie dough. They can go to their freezer, grab how ever many cookies they want to cook and place them in the oven. There\'s no scooping necessary.

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