Up to 60% Profit

Mixed Candy Fundraiser

Cases Bought % Profit Cost Per Case
49 or more 60% $96.00
25 -49 55% $108.00
10 - 24 53% $114.00
1 - 9 50% $120.00

Mixed Candy Fundraising At Its Best<a href='http://www.buyforcharity.com/candy-fundraisers'>Candy Fundraiser</a> graphic

Why just settle for fundraising chocolate bars when you can have the best of all candy fundraising worlds?  Introducing the Ultimate Candy Fundraiser Variety Pack.  Each 30-Count Carrier features 7 Caramel Chocolatier 2.25 oz bars, 7 Almond Chocolatier 2.25 oz bars, 8 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bits (3.1 oz), and 8 Screamin' Sour Sqwigglies Gummy Worms (3.5oz). 

You sell each pack of candy for $2, earning your group 50% profit; that's right, you're going to double your money on every fundraising candy sale!  And the best part?  Our Candy Fundraisers come with FREE SHIPPING!

All of our chocolate bars are certified Peanut-Free and our Cookie Dough Bites & Chocolate Bars are Kosher Certified.  Our Gummi Worms are even FAT-FREE.  Stop searching for other bland candy Fundraising Ideas.  You search for the perfect candy fundraiser has ended.  Order online or call us today at 877.909.6400 if you have any questions about this mixed candy fundraising idea or any other fundraising idea we offer. 

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