90% Profit

Money Savings Card Fundraising

Cards Bought Cost Per Card Profit %
1000 $1.00 90%
500 $1.50 85%
250 $2.00 80%
100 $3.00 70%
25 min $5.00 50%

The Best Value Fundraising Discount Card - Money Savings Cards

Money Savings Cards are unique online Fundraising Cards that give your supporters access to a website that offers the internet's best discounts from hundreds of major, brand-name online retailers. Online Savings Card members get access to coupons and discounts in the form of electronic rebates from the stores we all shop at and love, and your group earns up to 90% profit!  Each merchant offers a % rebate on every purchase. All your supporters have to do is shop as they normally would and they automatically receive the rebate back in their account.

You sell the cards for $10. Based on the number of cards you purchase your profit can be up to 90%.

Best of all: When you customer activates their card they will instantly get their $10 purchase price credited to their cash back shopping account. Money Savings Cards sends out payments monthly. Accounts must accumulate $25 minimum in their cash back account to have their checks sent.

These Fundraising Cards Can Be Sold Anywhere

Buy for Charity works hard to stay competitive with the ever-changing fundraising card market, and our Money Savings Card is as cutting-edge as it gets. You simply won't find better, more profitable or more valuable fundraising cards anywhere else.  Easy to sell because they offer true value, the Money Savings Card is a great Fundraiser for any group!  AND THE BEST PART?  These online fundraising cards can be sold to anyone, ANYWHERE!  That's right; anywhere!  Since the discounts are redeemed online, your group can sell fundraising cards to family and friends all over the country! 

Here's How These Online Fundraising Cards Work70 - 100% profit in fundraising cards

1. Use our profit chart  to choose how many fundraising cards your group would like to purchase.

2. Order Online or Call Us Toll Free at 877.909.6400.

3. Sell cards to friends, family members, and others for only $10 per fundraising card

4. Fundraising Cards offer lifetime membership when the cardholder logs on to www.moneysavingscard.com.

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Money Savings Card Fundraiser

With cut backs and the state of the economy everyone is looking for ways to save or make money.  If you are one of these people then The Money Savings Card may just be the Fundraiser for you.   The Money Saving Card is a discount card you sell to your supporters.  With this card the holder gets membership to one of the best money saving shopping websites.  As a member they will receive savings up to 75% on many or most of the stores they already shop at on the internet.

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