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We help thousands of groups raise money every year. We want to help your group as well.

To make choosing the best fundraiser as easy as possible we have created sections on our website that identify different types of groups. We have sections for sports fundraisers, School Fundraisers and church fundraisers.

But there are many other groups such as charity and non profits that do not fit into those categories. So we created an other fundraisers section to put all of those groups into.

Below you will find different charities and non profits that need to raise money. If you click on the one that best describes your group you will be taken to a page that will highlight Fundraising Ideas that groups just like yours have successfully used to raise money. We hope you will find the perfect fundraiser and be well on your way to raising the money you need as easily as possible.

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Don't see your group listed?

We help thousands of groups every year find the money that they need to reach thier goals. If your group was not listed above visit our fundraising products to find the latest fundraising ideas your group can use to raise the money you need. View All fundraising Products >>

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Fresh Fundraising Ideas

Are you getting tired of car washes,bake sales,dinners and other fundraisers that you try to create on your own? These become allot of work plus the hours of preparation and tend to bring in very little money and you just hope that you can break even. You need some fresh Fundraising Ideas and you need them fast. 

1. Cookie Dough Fundraising Mixes - If you have had a bad experiences with the frozen cookie dough, but still love the idea of having a Cookie Dough Fundraiser, then try the cookie mixes. These are all the dry ingreidiants, all you add is the butter and eggs. These are fun to sell and the delivery day is much easier, since you are not dealing with a frozen product.

Silly Fundraisers

     Fundraising should be fun, right? Well, why is it that people would rather have teeth pulled than participate in another Fundraiser? What the world needs is more silly fundraisers to make fundraising fun again.

     So how do you hold silly fundraisers?

     The best silly fundraiser we can think of is an amateur comedy night at your local school or church. Of course the jokes and pranks must be clean and family appropriate. Silly needs to be the order of business. Tell the contestants that a prize will be given to the person everyone deems silliest.

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