100% Profit

Pizza Card

# of Cards Cost Per Card FREE Cards Profit % Profit %
50 min $3 0 $350 70%
100 $3 20 $900 90%
200 $3 50 $1,900 95%
300 $3 75 $2,900 95%
400 $3 100 $3,800 95%
1000 $3 300 $10,800 100%

The Highest Profit Pizza Card Fundraiser, Guaranteed!

high-profit-pizza-cardsOur pizza cards cost only $3 each and with every order of 100 or more pizza cards we also throw in FREE PIZZA CARDS to make your investment much lower than $3 per pizza card. Many groups think this pizza card fundraiser sounds too good to be true. Well, IT'S NOT!

You simply won't find another pizza card card fundraiser that allows you to earn 70-100% profit with very little effort.  And the best part?  You place your order today and you can start raising money with our pizza card fundraiser tomorrow! It's that quick.

Order-pizza-cardsHow This Pizza Card Fundraiser Works

1. Order Pizza Cards Online or call us Toll Free at 877.909.6400 to find out what participating stores we have in your area.

2. We will confirm store participation with you before the order is confirmed.

3. We print and ship the pizza cards to you within 3-5 business days.

4. You sell the pizza cards and earn lots of money!



SAVE MONEY, Create Your Own Pizza Card

It's simple and easy.  If we don't have participation in your area, you can take one of our marketing agreements into your favorite local pizza store, get them to participate in your pizza card fundraiser and 

Groups often find this method very easy and successful. Call one our Fundraising Specialists at 877.909.6400 or email us at customerservice@buyforcharity.com and we will make sure you have everything you need to get a store(s) involved with supporting your Pizza Card Fundraising efforts.


Creating Your Own Pizza Card Fundraiser Is A Snap


Download our Pizza Card Agreement.  Simply take the agreement into the pizza store of your choice and have the manager or owner fill it out.  Once it's completed, fax it back to 512.369.1882PLEASE NOTE: The only pizza chain we do not work with on our pizza card fundraiser is Dominos.


Looking For Another Great Fundraising Card?

Check out our Money Savings Card or our Dinner And A Movie Card. They're both high in profit (70-100% profit) and high in value (hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in savings). If you're looking for the best Fundraising Cards in the industry, you've come to the right place.  We are THE fundraising card company.

Do You Own Or Manage A Pizza Store Or Restaurant?

If you're looking for a great way to connect with your community and strengthen ties with non-profit organizations in your area, join our pizza card fundraising program today.  For more information on our Pizza Card Fundraisers contact us at 877.909.6400.

Announcing The Official Papa John's Pizza Card Fundraiser

Are you located in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Arizona or Austin, Texas? If so, we are now offering the Official Papa John's Fundraising Pizza Card at participating stores.  This pizza card fundraiser is good for UNLIMITED USE Buy-One-Get-One FREE offers throughout the course of the year.  For more information on this amazing pizza card fundraiser, Check out our D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia pizza card fundraisers, or take a look at our Austin Pizza Cards, or our Richmond pizza cards, or our Phoenix pizza card fundraisers.

1. Decide how much money your group needs to raise  
This will help you evaluate Fundraising Products and fundraisers that will be ideal for your group.
2. Watch for hidden costs 
Don't let your group's fundraising profits disappear because of hidden costs (ex. shipping, prizes).
3. Give yourself & your group lots of time to prepare 
Select your fundraiser early. This will give you lots of time to plan. Include your fundraiser on the
school or community calendars and newsletters.
4. Timing 
Make sure to stagger the various fundraisers to avoid flooding your potential consumers and to avoid
competing with other fundraisers.
5. Set up specific dates & stick to them 
If you avoid setting clear target dates the campaign tends to drag on and often without direction.
6. Try to conduct fewer & more effective fundraising programs 

This will help maintain motivation and avoid "fundraising fatigue".
7. Rely on your fundraising company's expertise 
Ask lots of questions & use your fundraising company's suggestions & advice.
8. Stay motivated throughout the fundraiser
Some organizers tend to lose interest once the program is underway. Put a 10-12 day time limit on order
taking. It's easier to stay motivated with clear goals and deadlines.
9. Communicate clearly before, during & after the fundraiser is put in place 

Keep energy levels high by reminding parents, teachers and other volunteers of the fundraising goals and
10. Avoid shipping and ordering problems 
Work closely with your volunteers and assure their order forms are legible and filled out completely.
11. Keep copies of the order forms 
Always keep copies of the order forms before you send them to your fundraising company.
12. Recruit adult volunteers ahead of time 
This will make the distribution of the products to the volunteers more efficient.
13. Double-check products received against your order forms 
This needs to be done before the products are given to the volunteers to ensure that nothing is damaged or
14. Keep absent volunteers informed 
Don't forget to communicate the fundraiser's kick off and other important meetings to absent volunteers.
15. Have Fun! 
A good attitude = better success.


Many folks have wondered if our Pizza Card Fundraiser is really just too good to be true, and we are happy to report that it’s not! It is simply one of the easiest Fundraising Ideas ever, allowing your organization to earn 70-100% profit with little effort. Pizza cards allow your supporters to enjoy a fantastic deal on pizzas at stores in your area.
Each pizza card you order from us will be associated with a specific pizza store or pizza chain in your area, and features a Buy-One-Get-One-Free special. (We have thousands of participating stores nationwide, so check our pizza card database by entering in your zip code. Check out Austin pizza cards, Richmond pizza cards and Phoenix pizza cards) There are 20 “BOGO” deals per card, typically concerning large-size pies. And with a selling price of only $10 per card, this is an amazing value for those of your supporters who enjoy pizza essentially, all of them. With only one use, cardholders already earn back the price they paid for the pizza card. That’s a huge selling point for your team to mention when chatting with supporters.
The best news about our pizza card fundraiser is that your team will benefit extraordinarily, with little effort. First of all, we send pizza cards to you for only $3 each at cost. All you need to do is sell 50 cards at $10 each to earn $350 from this fundraising idea that’s a 70% profit margin. At Buy For Charity, we believe in these pizza cards and in your selling team. That’s why we throw in free pizza cards for your fundraiser when you order 100 or more cards. We’re talking 20 free cards when you order 100 pizza cards, 50 free cards when you order 200 pizza cards, and so on. The profit margins of this fundraiser just keep shooting through the roof as you order and sell more and more.
Check out our testimonials page for tons of great feedback on this pizza card fundraiser. If you’re looking for additional fundraising ideas, we’ve got plenty to consider. We’re confident you will find a fundraiser that works perfectly for your organization at Buy For Charity.


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Many folks have wondered if our Pizza Card Fundraiser is really just too good to be true, and we are happy to report that it’s not! It is simply one of the easiest Fundraising Ideas ever, allowing your organization to earn 70-100% profit with little effort. Pizza cards allow your supporters to enjoy a fantastic deal on pizzas at stores in your area.

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