50% Profit

Quote Candle Fundraising

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 50% YES
1 to 149 50% No

Take a look at our new Quote Candle Fundraising program. It is our newest candle Fundraiser.

Each candle is themed around an inspiring quote. This is a candle line every will want. They are great fo their home or office and they make fantastic gifts.

The fundraising candles are highly fragrant, long burning, lead free wicked candles that are competitively priced and attractively packaged. This may be the best Candle Fundraiser to be introduced in years.

Manufacturered right here in the USA, our Quote fundraising candles make a lot of sense. Not only are the candles earth friendly but you will be supporting jobs here in the USA,

Your group makes 50% profit on every candle it sells with no money upfront!

You will receive a full color, four-page brochure for every member of your group. They will take that brochure around to all their friends and family and take orders for candles. We strongly suggest that they collect money at that time. Historically the most successful candle fundraising campaigns last for two weeks.


Quote Candle Fundraisers details:

NO money upfront - we send all the sales materials you need to hold your candle fundraiser. There is absolutely no risk or cost to start your fundraiser.
FREE Brochures - and all the materials you need to pre-sell Quote Fundraising Candles. You show people the order form, ask if they will buy their favorite candle scents and collect your money.
FREE SHIPPING - Candles are very heavy and costly to ship. But you can qualify for free shipping by selling 150 or more candles. If you sell less than 150 candles we add a small $65 freight charge.
MADE IN THE USA - Unlike some other fundraising lines these candles are produced right here in the USA. Support domestic manufacturers with these fundraising candles.

How Quote Candle Fundraising Work:

  1. Order free brochures for each member of your group.
  2. Have members of your group sell candles to friends and family and collect payment.
  3. At the end of your sale gather the order forms and money and tally them all together.
  4. Place your bulk candle order with us by phone or fax.
  5. We ship the candles to you, which you then distribute to your participants.
  6. Your group keeps the profit (you only pay the cost of the products)

Do Quote Candle Fundraisers Cost Anything to Start?

There is no money upfront for this fundraiser. That's one of the things that make candle fundraisers so popular. The money is due once you have completed selling the candles with the pre-sell brochures. What your participants sell will actually determine what you will pay for your candle order and you can use the money you collect while pre selling to pay for your bulk candle order.

How do you place your Quote Fundraising Candle order?

When you sale is complete gather together all of the order forms and money from each group member. Tally all of the order forms together. Some people find it helpful to use a spreadsheet like Excel.

When you have your totals you can enter them on the master order form we provide when we sent you your free brochures and fax it to us (682) 518-1616 OR you can simply call us toll free 877.909.6400 with your order.

Once we receive your order we will enter it in our system and send you an invoice. After reviewing the invoice you can pay by calling with a Visa or Master Card or you can mail us a check or money order along with a copy of your invoice. We do accept purchase orders from public schools and will release orders upon receipt of a valid purchase order.


When will I get My Quote fundraising candles?

Depending on the time of year, most Quote Fundraising Candle orders are shipped within 2 weeks of receiving your order and payment arrangements. The candles ship from the manufacturer who is located in Georgia. That means transit time is usually around 3 or 4 days after the candles are shipped.

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