School Fundraisers

We help groups in each of the 50 states every year with school fundraisers. We feel uniquely qualified to help you as well.

To make the process of choosing the best school Fundraiser as easy as possible we have created sections for each different type of school fundraising idea that we offer. For example if you are looking for an Elementary School Fundraiser then the best place to start your search by clicking on Elementary School Fundraising below.

No matter what grade level you are looking for we have a school fundraiser that will work well for your particular needs. We even have entire sections designed for clubs and school organizations as well.

Helping thousands of groups allows us to identify the school fundraisers that work well and eliminate the ones that are not working as well as expected. We hope you will allow us to help you with your next school fundraiser.

Top School Fundraisers to Consider:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraisers: Cookie dough is a product that crosses all grade barriers. It's especially strong for elementary schools but we've had very successful middle and high school fundraisers completed. The program we suggest has been the top school fundraiser for the last few years. It doesn't cost anything to get started. You can make up to 55% profit. Shipping is free and there is no cost to start this program. More Info...

2. Fundraising Lollipops: If your goal is to make a few hundred dollars then lollipops are the perfect school fundraiser product. We offer quite a few shapes and flavors. They all sell for just $.50 each so they are certainly affordable. You can buy one case at a time. Shipping is free and you double your money on every lollipop you sell. More info...

3. Candle Fundraising: Candles are another great fundraising option. Just about everyone has a candle or two in their home or office. We offer a selection of Candle Fundraisers you can choose from. It's a brochure sale which means you give each of your participants a brochure that they show friends and family. They take orders and collect money. At the end of your sale you place a bulk order. You can even use the money you collected to pay for your candles. You make 50% profit. Shipping is free once you reach a reasonable minimum. There's no cost to get started. View the options...

Finding a school fundraiser for your group is easy.

There are so many different organizations for students to be involved in throughout the school year. More than likely students are involved in more than one school team, club, or organization at a time. Below we have broken down the most common School organizations that raise money during the school year. Choose your school group below to see fundraisers that are specifically proven for your group type.

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Don't see your group listed?

We help thousands of groups every year find the money that they need to reach thier goals. If your group was not listed above visit our fundraising products to find the latest fundraising ideas your group can use to raise the money you need. View All fundraising Products >>

Related School Fundraisers Articles

Getting Started with Preschool Fundraising

When planning a Preschool Fundraising event, you want to make sure that the youngsters at your preschool are kept at the forefront of your plans. You need to consider how much they are influenced by new experiences at this young age, and the positive reinforcement that is required to give them the skills they will develop as they grow older. Holding a preschool Fundraiser can be a great way to raise money for a good cause while also giving the youngsters a new and exciting experience that will help them to become more sociable with others in their class. Children of a young age can often be very shy around others, and taking part in preschool fundraising can be a good way to help them break away from their shy behavior and start interacting with others.

Marching Band Fundraising Suggestions

When you want to raise some extra money for the school’s marching band, you may have decided that the best way to go is to hold a school Fundraiser. Marching Band Fundraising can help you reach your financial targets for things like new musical instruments and marching band uniforms that the school’s budget hadn’t been able to cater for. If your school’s marching band is in need of some extra funding quickly and with very little startup, there are some great, affordable Marching Band Fundraising solutions for you to consider that will help you reach your goals and execute a truly memorable event that will be remembered by everyone at your school.

Executing Your Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Suppose that you want to hold a fundraiser at your local elementary school in a way that is both fun and exciting for the students involved that also raises some extra cash for the school and spreading the word of a good cause. If you are a teacher at the school or a parent of one of the students, then holding a school fundraiser may be the right way to go. But if this is your first time developing your elementary school Fundraising Ideas, you may find that things become a little tricky as you try to pull off the best event. The good news is that as long as you take a few careful considerations along the way, you will have no trouble pulling off a truly successful event that can be enjoyed by everybody involved, including students, teachers and parents.

Booster Club Fundraising Ideas with Products

So you’ve decided that in order to bring some extra money to your local school you are going to plan and oversee a school fundraiser. There are plenty of reasons to organize one of these events, from the social benefits of banding together and doing something positive, to actually buckling down and raising the money for a good cause. If you are currently a member of a school booster club then you will most likely be familiar with booster club Fundraising Ideas and the benefits they provide to the school. If you are a parent of a student attending the school, you will also know about the direct benefits your child receives from raising money for their team or club.

Marching Band Fundraising on a Budget

Time and time again schools are trying to stretch the school budget so that every department I happy. There are constant upgrades that require money, such as new computers, books, or new tables and chairs. Schools also need money for activities like school trips or special clubs. But more often than not, the school’s budget just isn’t big enough to cater for everybody’s needs, often leaving a department with months or even years to wait before they see their upgrades getting attended to. One way to remedy this is to hold a school Fundraiser, and if you are in need of extra money for the marching band you may decide to throw a marching Band Fundraising event to help bring in some extra money.

Lacrosse Fundraising Ideas for Everybody

When you want to raise some extra money for your school that will help out with things like group trips and activities, you may find that holding a school fundraiser is the best way to go. After all, holding a fundraiser can see everybody within the school coming together for a good cause, and will bring in money fast for whatever financial goals you have set. When it is the school’s lacrosse team that requires some extra money, it makes sense to go with some lacrosse Fundraising Ideas to meet your funding needs, and can be implemented relatively easily, providing you know how.

Hockey Fundraising Activities

The best school fundraisers are the ones that students and faculty members will remember for years to come, often far-exceeding the original expectations of its organizers. You may have decided that pulling off a fundraising event of this magnitude is impossible without the aid of huge amounts of money to begin with, or that you’ll need hundreds of people to help out in order to carry it out. Fortunately, this could not be further from the truth, and your amazing Fundraiser is closer to becoming a reality than you may have thought.

Planning a School Spirit Fundraiser

Let’s say that your school is in desperate need of some extra funding that the school budget just can’t cater for. Your school may need some extra books for the library, or you may need some new equipment for the school gymnasium. Or you may just want to take the students on more field trips outside of school. If this is the case, and the school has given you the task of raising this extra money, why not go with a school spirit Fundraiser to really bring in the support. When you’re thinking of raising money for a particular school upgrade, letting the people know about how great it will be for the school is an effective way of bringing in donations.

Planning a school fundraiser can be tough.

Simple and Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes the best school Fundraising Ideas are the simplest ones. You may have considered doing something rather complicated for your school fundraiser in an effort to spark interest and bring in extra money for your school. If this is the case, stop for a moment and think if this is really going to appeal to everyone. Nine times out of ten, a simpler school fundraising idea will be able to raise more money, simply because there is no confusion over what the fundraiser is actually about. Simple and easy school fundraising ideas are always better than complicated ones for this reason.

If you are trying to think of some simple and easy school fundraising

Things to Consider About Middle School Fundraising

If you are the head of a Middle School Fundraising team, you may want to leap right in and take charge in setting up your school Fundraiser so that you can start earning lots of money for your school. But before you get started with this, it is important to take a step back and think about every aspect of your middle school fundraising effort before getting into it. With a few simple considerations in the planning stage, you will be guaranteeing that your middle school fundraising idea is pulled off with maximum success - a fundraiser that all of the students will want to be a part of and that will also bring in lots of funding for your school.

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