Smencils Fundraising

It?s not very often that a product takes off like a rocket in fundraising. But that?s what has happened with Smencils fundraising products.

We created this page to introduce you to the different Smencils Fundraising Products that are available.

All of their products are made from recycled newspapers. They are then dipped in scented oils and packed in freshness tubes. There are pencils and pens in different colors and scents. They sell well. There?s only a 1 case minimum. Shipping is FREE. They are one of the best Earth Friendly Fundraising products ever introduced.

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Smencils Fundraising Makes a Lot of Sense

There are a variety of methods to get money for your group, school or non-profit organization. This article will be aimed primarily at school groups and how they might hit their financial needs.

Of course there are roughly as many ways to fundraise as there are people. Nevertheless, not all of those methods are as profitable as some might believe. So when you narrow down your list to "good and effectual" fundraisers you are left with a reasonable list of options. Smencils come in 10 Flavors would make that list.

Smencils Fundraising Products

Are you looking for a fresh new fundraising product? Something that is environmentally sensitive? An item that is affordable?  Or even one you can sell all year round?  Then Smencils may be the answer. 

Smencils are made by tightly wrapping Recycled Newspaper around #2 graphite or color writing cores.  The rolled pencils are then hardened. This allows them to be sharpened just like wood pencils.  The pencils are then soaked with a gourmet liquid scents. Each Smencil is then packaged into its own freshness tube.

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