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Snack Stick Beef Jerky Fundraising

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1 min $120.00 40%

free beef jerky sticks fundraising brochureThis Beef Jerky Fundraiser Is Extreme!

Each Beef Stick is .92 oz.  That's a lot of delicious beef jerky.

Each beef jerky fundraising master case contains 4 cartons.  There are 50  Beef Sticks per carton, giving your group a total of 200 Sticks per case.  All this and FREE SHIPPING on all beef jerky fundraisers!

To buy fundraising beef jerky now, order online or call us at 877.909.6400.  Feel free to email us at customerservice@buyforcharity.com for more information.  Be sure to ask for your FREE FUNDRAISING CATALOG.

Want Another Beef Jerky Fundraising Option? 

Try Our Delicious Mixed Meat Beef Jerky Fundraiser.  


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Beef Jerky Fundraiser

Beef Jerky fundraising is quickly becoming a number one direct sell Fundraiser. A lot of schools and organizations are placing heavy restrictions on the type of food items they will allow to be sold. Most are regulating the amount of sugar that is found in an item, along with the nutritional value. 

Jack Link’s offers two different options. The Fundraising Kit and X-sticks. These products are high in protein. They offer a great alternative to candy sales and meet or in some cases even exceed most healthy standards. 

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

If you're looking for a Fundraiser you can really sink your teeth into, consider our beef jerky fundraiser.  (Get it?  Sink your teeth—nevermind.)  With this deliciously irresistible fundraiser, we use only high-quality Jack Link's beef jerky, some of the tastiest stuff on the market.  This fundraiser fits well with our overarching belief regarding Fundraising Products: If you pair your noble cause with a good product that people actually

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