Unique Fundraising

There many different types of Fundraising Products. We have tried to organize Buy for Charity so that you can find the best fundraiser for your group as easily as possible.

Some fundraisers, though, don?t necessarily fit neatly into a category. That's why we created an overview page dedicated to what we call Unique Fundraising.

We are very careful about the fundraising products we make available to the thousands of group that use our services every year. So you will find some great unique Fundraising Ideas on this page. You will find products like Smencils and others that are great ideas and will help you raise the money you need.

In fact, if you are tired of the same old fundraiser, we invite you to try one of these unique fundraising ideas.

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Online Savings Card Fundraiser

For a fundraising idea that will practically sell itself, consider our Online Savings Card Fundraiser. By participating in this unique fundraiser, your supporters will acquire savings of up to 40% at hundreds of online retailers, such as Target, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Walmart, iTunes and many more. There is absolutely no risk with this money-back-guarantee fundraiser that can be sold and used worldwide. Best of all, your organization will earn 70-100% profit. We help you out by throwing in 20-30% free Online Savings Cards with your order from us at Buy For Charity.

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