90% Profit

Wrestling Fundraising Scratch Cards

Cards Bought Cost Per Card Selling Price Your Profit $ Your Profit %
100 $10.00 $100.00 $9,000 90%
25 $12.00 $100.00 $2,200 88%
10 $15.00 $100.00 $860 85%
1 min. $30.00 $100.00 $70 70%

Want a wrestling fundraising idea designed for wrestlers?

Then there's no doubt about it. Wrestling scratch cards are the fundraising idea for you. Whether your wrestling group is large or small, you can make 70% all the way up to 90% profit. We pay all shipping charges when you order fundraising scratch cards. The more cards you purchase the higher your profit is per card.

As you can see by looking the card show above these wrestling Fundraiser scratch cards were designed with wrestlers in mind.

Each wrestler is given a scratch card containing 50 concealed dots. Wrestlers get people to scratch off any 2 dots and donate the revealed amount of money. In return the donor is given a sheet of valuable coupons to national merchants worth more than $100.

Wrestling Fundraising scratch cards work as donation enhancers. You give each member of your group 1 or more cards. They take the card to 25 different people and get them to scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots. The amount revealed is the donation you request from them.

In return for their donation each donor is given a sheet of very valuable coupons from national merchants as thank you gifts.


Wrestling Scratch Cards offer:

Highest Profits Available - Fundraising Scratch Cards offer profits as high as 90%. Even individuals who buy a single card will make 70% profit. Those are some of the highest profit percentages of any fundraising program.
FREE SHIPPING - Buy for Charity will pay all shipping costs when you purchase our fundraising scratch cards. There are no other hidden charges.
Lowest Minimums in the Industry - Buy for Charity wants to help small groups and individuals so we lowered the minimum order on Scratch Card Fundraisers down to 1 card.

How Wrestling Scratch Card Fundraisers Work:

  1. Scratch Card Fundraisers are a great way to request and receive donations from your friends and family.
  2. Choose the scratch card graphics that best reflect your group and order 1 or 2 cards per member.
  3. Decide what text you would like imprinted at no cost on your cards so people identify the cards with your group or group names
  4. You are ready to place your order. Fundraising scratch cards, though, need to be paid for when you place your order. We accept major credit cards, checks, money orders and can even give credit terms to public schools issuing valid purchase orders.
  5. You can order your fundraising scratch cards by calling us toll free 877.909.6400 or you can purchase your scratch off Fundraising Cards online in our secure store.

Ordering Wrestling Fundraising Scratch off Cards:

You can call us toll free 877.909.6400 to place your order. That is the preferred method for people that have questions and for public schools wanting to order using a public school purchase order.

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Wrestling Fundraising Ideas are a great way to help your school raise money. They gives students a chance to do something they may not be used to doing at school, while encouraging them to work together and help a good cause. The monetary benefits to holding a Wrestling Fundraiser are obvious. It can help you to raise money for important upgrades to wrestling team equipment and also help pay for team excursions to local wrestling events. If you have decided to hold a wrestling fundraiser at your school, then you have got a lot of work to do before you can reach your goals. But with a few simple considerations before getting started, you will be reaching your targets in no time, and giving the students something truly memorable and fun to get involved with.

Fun Wrestling Fundraising Ideas

Sometimes schools need a little help when it comes to budgeting for sports teams. Teams need all sorts of things like new uniforms, better equipment, and travel expenses. Unfortunately the budget that the school has to work with is usually pretty thin, and usually gets used up on essential school maintenance and upgrades to things like books and supplies. So what do you do when you need money for the wrestling team? The answer is simple – hold a wrestling Fundraiser to bring in some extra money for your team.  It's easier than you think, and can be organized fairly quickly.

Consider Wrestling Fundraising Scratch Cards

One of the highest profit wrestling fundraisers is Wrestling Fundraising Scratch Cards.

There are not many wrestling specific fundraisers available but one that certainly can make you a lot of money is scratch cards.

Scratch cards work like donation systems. You get one or more scratch cards with wrestler graphics on the front for each wrestler that needs to raise money. Each card has the potential to raise $100.

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